Triple X (10 WWE Releases, Victory Road)

Hello and welcome to another edition of Triple X! Since I have two huge topics to talk about, this will be more of a Double X. Those two topics are Victory Road and the 10 WWE releases.

X- The WWE had a huge roster change this week, as ten wrestlers were cut. I will take a look at each wrestler, see why he or she was cut, if he or she was fairly cut, and if TNA should get him or her.

Billy Gunn- This one took a lot longer than I thought. He had been trying to get out of the WWE for a long time, and he was finally let go. I don’t think that he had the right to be complaining, being as the WWE was giving him a fair chance even though he didn’t have much anymore. Obviously TNA already signed him, but I hope that he re-unites with B.G. James, because Gunn isn’t good anymore on his own.

A-Train- This one didn’t surprise me too much. He was sent to Raw a couple of weeks after Wrestlemania, and he was on once, where he lost to Benoit. He was fairly cut because the WWE didn’t have anything for him to do. He had been pushed in his career, even as intercontinental champion, but never got a crowd response. He’s the type of guy that TNA doesn’t need, because he would just be a pointless mid-carder.

Test- This one was pretty disappointing in my view. He earned his stripes in the WWE, and he gets released. The worst part of it is, is that he is injured right now. What happened to the WWE’s policy of not releasing wrestlers until they’re fully healed? Also, Johnny Ace told Test that he could sign with them when he’s healthy, and he obviously said no. That is totally unprofessional of the WWE in my opinion. I think TNA should pick him up, and I hope they do because he’s pretty good, and could add something in my opinion.

Gail Kim- Her being released was a pretty big surprise. She was actually a good women’s wrestler. I thought that the WWE would try to improve the women’s division, but this is taking one step back. Maybe this means that Alexis Laree will be promoted to Raw soon. I don’t think TNA will grab her, and it definitely wouldn’t be at Victory Road because I’m guessing that they already had someone in mind before she got released. I think that she should go to TNA in the near future if they make an effort to have a strong women’s division.

Nidia- After Wrestlemania, this wouldn’t have seemed like a possibility. She was going to Raw, and she was unhappy. She then got implants as the WWE requested, and she was in line for a big push to become the women’s champion. Wow, that really happened. Like I said before, Tough Enough isn’t a good way to judge people. Just because you can do more push-ups than everyone else doesn’t mean that you should get a WWE contract. TNA won’t pick her up, and I’m glad.

Chuck Palumbo- He had something good going in 2002 when he was with Billy Gunn. Nobody cared for him when he was in the FBI, probably because nobody watches Velocity. There’s no point in picking him up, and TNA probably won’t.

Rodney Mack- I’m actually a little disappointed in this one. I thought that he had some potential, and that he was decent in the ring. He had something decent in the White Boy Challenge, which was eventually broken up by Goldberg. I doubt TNA will get him, but I think that they should.

Jazz- Rodney Mack’s girl also got released. Nobody ever cared for her even when she was with Teddy Long. Weakens the women’s division, well actually it doesn’t really. TNA won’t and shouldn’t pick her up. Nobody is dazzled by her looks or wrestling ability.

Johnny Stamboli- He was okay in WCW with Big Vito, but never did much in the WWE. As I said with Palumbo, nobody cared about him in the FBI. He was fairly released, and probably won’t ever be in a major wrestling promotion again.

Rico- When I saw this on, I was a bit surprised. He was one of the few guys who actually had a gimmick. This probably isn’t a bad thing because now Charlie Haas can just focus on wrestling. His gimmick was getting pretty old anyway. I wouldn’t have thought this two years ago when he beat Ric Flair. TNA shouldn’t get him, but I wouldn’t rule him out as a possibility.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the ten WW releases. If I were TNA, I would pick up Test, Gail Kim, and Rodney Mack, being as Billy Gunn was already signed. TNA can’t grab too many of these guys, because they don’t want to be known as the WWE Reject Federation.

XX- Victory Road was hyped as TNA’s first big pay-per-view. Was it a success? After I give match-by-match thoughts, you’ll know my answer.

The opener of course had to be the x division battle royal, which was pretty pointless in my opinion. What was the point of having guys like Puma and La Parka in it? This was pretty boring because we saw one like this a few months ago, and this one didn’t have Kash, Petey, and Styles.

Next we had the 8-man tag which was a throw in. Marc Mero is in great shape, and this was also a way to have Killings look good. So it was understandable why they had this match because they needed a way to get some of these guys on the show.

Having the minis was a terrible idea from the start. The masked one had a lot of people fooled. Let’s see; he fooled the ref, Don West, and Mike Tenay. This was stupid and boring.

Here’s where the show picked up, where 3 Live Kru won the tag team titles. Although the only negative is that these belts switch all the time, so it’s not that important. It is good that some recognizable faces got the belts.

Piper’s Pit was the biggest disappointment of the show. Jimmy Snuka being on was pretty pointless, since he was on it about 20 years ago. It was actually okay until the new x division guys came in. Sonjay Dutt getting hit with a coconut was not a smart move, it takes credibility out of that segment. However, it was nice to be able to see Piper’s Pit.

Next we had Trinity’s open challenge, where her opponent was a nice surprise in Jacqueline. This match was pretty good while it lasted. I assume that Jackie won’t be in TNA long-term, otherwise she would’ve won.

The Monster’s Ball was where the show monstrously picked up. This was a great hardcore match, something we rarely see anymore. Abyss looked like Mankind with the mask and being slammed onto thousands of thumb tacks. The ending was very well done where Abyss fell through a table, and Brown gave Raven the pounce through a table.

Petey-AJ was obviously a great match. It probably was cut back from the original plan since they were running short on time. In a sense Petey won clean, although D’Amore tried to get involved. I assume that Styles will go back up to the heavyweight title division. This win helps Petey, and it was nice of Styles to job to him.

I’m glad that the AMW-XXX match wasn’t too long. It was the first time I can remember that a last man standing match was done this way. The reason why there were botched spots in the match including the ending was because Skipper got a concussion early on in the match. It was announced that they would have a rematch at Turning Point in a steel cage match. According to my calculations, Triple X is 5-3-1 against AMW.

Jarrett-Hardy was a good match. Don’t get me wrong, I never said it wasn’t going to be a good match, just I didn’t like the fact that Hardy was in the main event. Hall was pretty funny because he tried to get involved the whole match. Nash came down and attack Hardy which was fairly obvious, and Jarrett won. It looks like we have another version of the N.W.O. I liked how Styles and 3 Live Kru came down at the end, because it was encounters that we’ve never seen before. And out of nowhere, out comes none other than Macho Man Randy Savage. That was a great way to end the show because it gives us another reason to watch Impact.

So overall, Victory Road was a great pay-per-view. Call me crazy, but this was by far my favorite pay-per-view of the year, and yes, I’ve seen every single one from the WWE. TNA did a very good job in my opinion with this. TNA is actually doing something that the WWE isn’t. They’re improving.