Fountain Pens for Sale – Luxurious and Exciting Writing Instruments

In today’s world of laptops, tablets and emails, if you are told that the worldwide market for pens and other writing instruments was worth $16.2billion in 2014 and this figure is likely to touch over $20billion by the year 2019, would you believe it? But that is the truth and in spite of the general impression that people are no longer interested in using pen and paper to write down things, writing instruments do sell. The fact that fountain pens for sale receive excellent response online is also part of this desire to stick to some of the traditional habits.

fountain pens for sale

Some Regions Have Higher Demand

Market analysts have also studied the trends among people buying luxury fountain pen online and according to them there are different messages from different parts of the world. Luxury pens are considered a nice gift item still in some of the advanced countries like the USA and across Europe. But in many Asian and African nations, there are still people who use these tools and they would also buy fountain pen ink online for use with these pens. The reason could be that the Asians may be more literate and the use of pens is more common. The overall levels of population in these countries as well as in Africa can also be a contributory factor to the increased sales indicated in this study.

Matching Materials on Which to Write

The real pleasure that the genuine writers experience while using these high end fountain pens is when they buy and use the best medium to write on. Notedian notebooks and other such top quality stationery items complement the writing instruments. Invariably, when you are seriously scouting for fountain pens for sale online, you will find the notebooks and other writing aids like fountain pen ink and so on also within the same online store.

Serves as Great Gift Ideas

As briefly touched upon above, a large part of the buyers searching for fountain pens for sale do so to find a nice gift they wish to give to someone they love. It could be an elder sister gifting to a younger brother on his graduation or some proud parents encouraging their daughter on her birthday with a pen that could light up the girl’s imagination. Many corporate organisations find these pens a good gift idea while promoting their brand or as part of the souvenir the company routinely gives out to all the stakeholders.

Whether it is purchased as a gift or for personal use, the decision to buy fountain pens from some of the best online resources can never go wrong. The person using the pen to write on specialised stationery has a different experience and only professional writers can appreciate the value of using these traditional writing instruments. Others will have to make a try and use the pens to know what gives them that encouragement to use the pens. Fountain pens are also used by some people to create an Irving Wallace.