Why WCW Failed, And How WWE Can

Hello and welcome again to…And Thats What I Think! Some have e-mailed me wondering why I dont express my feelings on JBL like many other columnists are doing. Plain and simply I like his character, but I dont want to see him wearing a World Title belt. Hes just the flavor of the month for Smack Down writers and Im positive that his push will last as long as Hardcore Hollys did. So with that out of the way lets get to the main event. Today I want to express ways that World Championship Wrestling failed as a wrestling product and a company. No, Ill hold off on the Bret Hart Tribute until next week (Though I am in the process of writing it!)

Back in the day I was a major wCw mark. I fell in love with nWo characters such as Scott Hall and his toothpick or Hogan and his spray painted Championship Belt, I simply couldnt get enough of those guys. Soon things got old and the nWo slowly faded away. I soon faded away from wrestling myself. Two years later I hit a short early mid-life crisis (I might have made that title up) so I decided to turn the tube to TNT and catch Monday Nitro for the first time in two years. To my surprise the wrestling show was not on. After searching in the T.V Guide and finding nothing about the shows whereabouts I proceeded to check WCW.com for some much needed info; but I was directed to wwe.com “What the f#$k”? Soon I found out that Vince and WWE bought out not only wCw but ECW as well.

After about one hour of wondering why I never heard of the major wrestling news I decided to check out USA Network to watch WWF; OK, theyre on The New TNN now! The ironic part to this is that on this particular episode of RAW the nWo faction made one of its first appearances on WWF turf. Remember that the only reason I got into wrestling in the first place was because of the New World Order! It was almost like something was guiding me to come back to wrestling, and after a consecutive two years of watching WWE Im hooked like I was years ago as a little boy!

No, I didnt want to make this column to talk about this story but to tell you ways that wCw failed and how WWE might as well. Though I didnt experience wCws demise I have read a good bit of internet conversations about wCws later years and how it failed. So without further adue lets get to the first reason and that is a stable. wCw writers thought that every single wrestler had to be in some kind of gang and it’s no surprise that they took to that formula because the nWo jump-started the former NWA company. Since nWo was so successful they though “Why not create 20 nWo’s at the same time” and they did just that. New Blood, Latino World Order, Filthy Animals, , were all no exception to that formula. It’s not that the stable formula didn’t work, but wait…it didn’t. The writers were just too lazy to come up with creative ideas for each wrestler so they decided to create big stables and put random guy’s in them so they didn’t have to come up with anything special for them. No, WWE isn’t even close to becoming stable happy. Their biggest formation, Evolution, only has four members in it. Before them was the F.B.I which only consisted of three members. There is no reason to worry that the WWE will become stable crazy and thats something positive. read more